Paper Food Packaging

  • Fried Chicken Box
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    Fried Chicken Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPacking detailsRemarkFC0 fried chicken box300gsm food grade ivory board or white board,full color or one color printing14.4*8.4*6cm50000pcs400pcs/ctn  Carton size...Read More
  • Bakery Packaging
  • Cookie Packaging Boxes
  • Noodle Box
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    Noodle Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPacking detailsRemarkNO.1 Noodle box250gsm food grade ivory board with PE coated or lamination,full color or one color printingUpper size:12*10cm  Bottom size:10....Read More
  • Burger Box
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    Burger Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPackingRemarkNO.1 Burger box250gsm food grade ivory board, full color or one color printingAssembled size:9.5*9.5*6.5cm,flat size:33.3*19.1cm50000pcs500pcs/ctn  C...Read More
  • Sandwich Packaging Box
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    Sandwich Packaging Box

    The sandwich packaging box basic materials used in paper containers are: (1) kraft paper is made from kraft pulp made from softwood thick fibers. The strength of the paper is higher than that of ordinary paper, and can be used for large paper bags to pack sugar, flour and...Read More
  • Popcorn Box
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    Popcorn Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPacking detailsRemarkNO.1 popcorn box300gsm food grade ivory board or white board,full color or one color printing20.4*10.2*5cm100000pcs500pcs/ctn  Carton size:20.4*...Read More
  • Fast Food Packaging
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    Fast Food Packaging

    fast food packaging materials With the continuous progress of packaging materials, packaging machinery and packaging technology, a large number of packaged food, such as bottled food, canned food, cooking (bag) food, frozen food, aseptic packaging food and so onRead More
  • Food Packaging Containers
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    Food Packaging Containers

    Ancient people mainly made of bamboo, wood, ceramics, plant stems and leaves, animal skin and offal as raw materials to make food packaging containers. China has been brewing and storing food for pottery for about 4000 years. The Greeks used wooden casks for wine in more than...Read More
  • Chips Box
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    Chips Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPacking detaialsRemarkNO.1 chips box250gsm food grade ivory board,full color or one color printingAssembled size:8.5*4*10.6cm  Flat size:28*10.6cm100000pcs250pcs/...Read More
  • sandwich packaging box
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    sandwich packaging box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPacking detailsRemarkNo.1 sandwich box250gsm food grade ivory board or white board,with clear window,full color or one color printingSize:123*123*26mm,clear window size:2...Read More
  • Cake Box
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    Cake Box

    Item nameMaterial&PrintingSizeMOQPackingRemarkNO.1 cake box250gsm food grade ivory board, full color printing or one color7*7*8cm50000pcs500pcs/ctn  Carton size:29*14*22cm  N.W.:7kg/ctn...Read More

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