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What Are The Features Of Printing Technology For Paper Food Packaging Boxes?

Packaging industry insiders pointed out that the paper food packaging box is currently the people's green packaging. It has many advantages in energy saving and resource saving. As far as the international market is concerned, the era of food paper packaging has arrived.

At present, paper food packaging box application abroad is very broad, foreigners love the packing box of paper as a variety of goods, we love to see American and British drama friends can be found in the supermarket, food market, breakfast we are holding a very simple kraft paper bag box.

The foreign developed countries developed their paper packaging printing technology has the following characteristics: the development of new materials to the monolayer multilayer material direction; the offset and gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods exist and flexographic printing will be the fastest growing; sheet to web, single to on-line production development; comprehensive application relevant new techniques, such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, optimize the whole production system, the production process of paper packaging is more simple and convenient.

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