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The Use Of Packaging Functions In The Field Of Food Packaging

The use of packaging functions in the field of food packaging

Food concept packaging design is actually a new "interactive experience" packaging, which contains the user's touch, taste considerations, functional and intelligent characteristics of both, will make the packaging as part of the product, and even May be the product itself. The packaging process using its packaging and product direct contact, the logo and application classification, and ultimately the packaging design of the strong visual sensitivity, which brings considerable appreciation of profits. Xiaobian to introduce the following packaging functions in the field of food packaging applications.



1, feel the packaging



Sensory packaging allows consumers to have a sense of intuition on packaging products, such as touch, vision or smell. Sensory packaging is mainly to create an external overall feel, such as smell, texture and visual effects. For example: some feel the packaging to extract the smell of the internal product to attract guests, such as toast, grilled meat, chocolate or fruit smell, the smell is extracted in the adhesive or paint, so that the entire packaging is full of seductive taste. Through this method can be between the product and the consumer to establish a link between. Sensory packaging is very user-friendly to maintain the integrity of the product.



2, intelligent packaging



Intelligent packaging is mainly used to detect the packaging structure or material deviation field. For example, to detect the density of the packaging cardboard material, determine whether the produced carton has sufficient stiffness to meet the needs of the product, such as ensuring that the juice or milk does not leak out. The use of laser detection technology, food packaging can be designed to determine a number of parameters, such as packaging and printing ink microstructure. Smart packaging can be included in the packaging into a large number of product information, it will mark and monitor the system to form a set of extended tracking system to check the product data. Smart packaging through the internal sensor components or advanced bar code and trademark information system, and use the sense of packaging and functional packaging to track the principle of monitoring products. The use of UV and EB inks can effectively prevent the deformation of the bar code, for more accurate data detection, you can also use the data chip or micro-point detection system for control.



3, functional packaging



This type of packaging is a scientific way to solve the packaging problem associated with the content. With the anti-corrosion of liquid packaging, the application of such packaging can make easy to rot the product can maintain a longer fresh time. Elimination of the product itself, some of the defects and shortcomings of the design of the box, such packaging accessories can also extend the shelf life of the product to keep the product fresh taste. Functional packaging can effectively avoid the contents of the interference, play a very good protection.



The relationship between the food industry and packaging technology is very close. Food packaging design to keep up with the beat of the times, if the same product packaging behind the competitors, will be out of the market. If your product is sluggish in the market, or sales growth rate is lower than the total market growth rate, it is necessary to check your packaging image, market positioning, we must consider improving the packaging design, with a new packaging image to reoccupy the market

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