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The Future Development Trend Of Taobao Packing Box

Online shopping has now become an indispensable part of people's life, because the number of annual increasing number of online shopping, more and more Peng, resulting in Taobao packaging also gradually travel a Taobao packaging industry, more and more intense competition, in order to do Taobao packing box, for manufacturers should be how to do? How to adapt to the Taobao packaging this process!

A Taobao, packaging design needs security anti-counterfeiting mark. In recent years, our country Taobao safety incidents. Apple snails, crabs, "Red duck's egg", Turbot, melamine...... Come one after another "problem Taobao" event, let people again and again "appreciate" unscrupulous operators forget honour at the prospect of profits "black heart", also has further exposed many "black holes exist Taobao safety supervision system". So in the Taobao packaging design, need to Taobao anti-counterfeiting. Mainly through so several channels, one is the security design, security printing on the corresponding packing, two is to add anti-counterfeit labels, practice has proved that add anti-counterfeit label is a more effective method. Anti fake label is mainly used in the Taobao industry are: laser anti-counterfeit labels, digital anti-counterfeit labels, fragile anti-counterfeiting label.

Packaging design, packaging design needs two Taobao modern goods comply with the sale of electronic commerce. More and more people choose online shopping, people can not see the real goods while shopping, only through the choice of packaging design. So online packaging design needs to strengthen the function of packaging: the first, the function of communication, help identify products customers easy and accurate decision making. Second, provide the information function, provide sufficient information for customers, for customers to strengthen brand identity on the internet. Third, the interactive features to attract the attention of customers and arouse the curiosity of customer products. Fourth, stimulating function, to stimulate customers to buy the impulse and effective online marketing.

Three, Taobao packaging design needs the green, which is conducive to environmental protection, is the inevitable trend of China's Taobao packaging design. Like the "Daily Mail" reported by Dr. Davis Edward led the development of edible film called wiki edible outer membrane, composed of biodegradable polymers or plastics mixed food particles made of eggshell, looks similar, but also can be disseminated to all tastes, but it is not only used for solid food, can also be used for liquid food, such as soup, cocktails, soft drinks and coffee. Wiki edible films not only will not pollute the environment, but also can eat.

Taobao green packaging design, that is to say the use of green packaging materials, including paper packaging, biodegradable plastics, edible packaging, natural materials, packaging, new environmental protection materials; or the use of easy recycling of materials, including recycling convenient, facilitate the separation of the material, or facilitate the repeated use of materials; green or manufacturing process; or try to simplify the packaging, packaging, packaging it appropriate to give up.

Four, Taobao packaging design needs personalized to attract more customers. Just like in Shanghai held a day of tourism promotion activities, Shanghai City Tourism Bureau for the Japanese tourism especially delicious food tourism market design cartoon Doll - small steamed bun "bag" popular. "Bag" image is simple and lovely, big "dumplings" head, some hair is like folds the steamed stuffed bun, plus a pair of black eyes and smiling mouth, "lovable" people. "Bag" also has a girlfriend named "delicious", wearing a small safflower, dressed in a pink skirt "delicious", a name used in Shanghai is called out, very interesting.

So for the packing box we have to adapt to the market demand for discrimination based on the characteristics of the product, China Taobao packaging design trends must be personalized, green, safety security signs, consistent with the e-commerce sales of modern commodity packaging design

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