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The Basic Classification Of Food Packaging

Food packaging according to the packaging material is divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, can be divided into cans, bottle package, package, bag, box, box, volume, can be packaged in cans, bottles, reservoir entrapment, bags, wrapping and perfusion, the whole set, sealing, labeling, printer and so on; according to the level of products is divided into inner packaging, packaging, packaging of grade two grade three...... The outer packing etc..

As more attention to food safety, higher requirements, some countries strengthened management of regulations on food packaging. From the implementation of nutrition standards and regulations, regulations to implement indirect additives of biodegradable packaging, electronic scanning bar code, are to promote the new development of food packaging.

A lot of food packaging classification method. The techniques are divided into: moistureproof packaging, waterproof packing, mouldproof packing, packaging, frozen packaging, breathable packaging and microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, packaging, blister packaging, packaging, stretch wrap, cooking bags of packaging. The above all kinds of packaging are made of different composite materials, the packaging characteristics is corresponding to different requirements of food, can effectively protect food quality.

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