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Standard For Food Packaging Cartons

The standard of food packaging, food packaging box is made of cardboard (like tea pot and decorative cake box),

Hygienic management of raw paper for food packaging

(November 26, 1990 the Ministry of Health issued Decree No. eighth) for the first implementation of the "People's Republic of China food hygiene law (Trial)", to strengthen the supervision and management for health food packaging paper and its products, to develop this approach. Second, the scope of management refers to the direct contact with food packaging of various kinds of raw paper. Third food packaging used paper and its products should comply with GB11680 "food packaging with the base paper hygiene standards", and pass the inspection before the factory. Products that do not meet hygienic standards shall not be used for packaged foods. Production, processing, operation and use of units should do all aspects of health work, to prevent pollution. Fourth raw materials for producing and processing food packaging paper (including pulp, adhesives, inks, solvents, etc.) must be examined and approved by the provincial food hygiene supervision institution before they can be used. (1) the raw paper used for food packaging shall not use social recycled waste paper as raw material, and no harmful additives such as fluorescent whitening agents shall be prohibited. (two) the paraffin for food packaging shall be made of food paraffin, and no industrial grade paraffin shall be used. (three) the printing inks and pigments used for the base paper for food packaging shall meet the requirements of food hygiene, and inks and pigments shall not be printed in contact with food surfaces. Fifth production of food packaging paper enterprises must be approved by the food hygiene supervision institutions. Sixth food packaging paper must be in accordance with sanitary requirements of the outer packing, and marked food paper signs and origin, factory name, date of production and so on. The seventh food hygiene supervision institution shall strengthen regular hygienic supervision on the production, operation and use units, and take samples for free inspection as required, and give official receipts. Article eighth in violation of these measures, according to the "food hygiene law of the People's Republic of China (Trial Implementation)" of the relevant provisions of the legal liability. Article ninth the Ministry of health is responsible for the interpretation of these measures.

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