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Improve The Utilization Rate Of Recycled PET Bottles

A lot of disposable PET bottle of consumption, poses a serious problem for recycling, post consumer recycled PET bottle recycling has become the current international society pays more and more attention to the subject.

According to statistics, the recycling industry of European PET rose 2.5%, rise from the previous 46% to 48.4%, for a total of 140000 tons.

PET bottle recycling has risen by 8%, to 1400000 metric tons. The Petcore Association (Petcore belongs to one aims to expand the scope of application of PET materials market industry association) chairman RobertoBertaggia said, he was pleased to present PET bottle recycling has accounted for half of the volume of the market. The European PET bottle recycling industry can in this difficult period of 8% growth is indeed commendable.

The recovery of PET sheet market sales accounted for 27% market share, 22% of 7% for packaging for blow molding. Application of the 2009 PET sheet Market in the terminal market of fiber from 45% down to 40%, while the amount has not changed.

The current recycling situation PET bottle better, enterprises attach great importance to and recovery rate are increasing. Recycling of waste PET bottles, which can reduce pollution, but also increase the benefit. But the safety use of problem is not completely resolved, this is because of having the characteristics of the packaging material itself, are the pollution will be transferred to the food to go from the material, the same token, the material will absorb toxic substances, if handled improperly, re using these packaging materials will be moved to the food, it is bad for people's health. With the development of economy and technology, PET bottle recycling can be processed to make other products, economic benefits is still relatively high.

Therefore, it is necessary to utilization, recycling status and security of PET bottle recycling in-depth and specific analysis, in order to find the most effective way to solve the safety problem of recycling and reuse.

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