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How To Eliminate Static Electricity In Carton Production

1, the physical elimination method

The physical method of elimination is without changing the material function under the condition of using electrostatic inherent characteristics, methods to eliminate the. Such as "ground" elimination method, is the installation of electrostatic eliminating brush in the process. The brush body is arranged on the paper or plastic coil winding or unwinding, and the grounding end reliable earthing arc static brush, while not connected to the device or guide roller. Because the device may have bad grounding; roller via the anode processing Department guide surface of alumina and alumina, naturally, is not conductive.

2, chemical elimination method

Chemical static elimination method namely antistatic agent processing technology, mainly the antistatic agent (surfactant) by adding (filling) technology or coating technology of resin or substrate, the motor can be modified by the method of antistatic technology is more complete and perfect. But because the add or coated with antistatic agent, caused the material chemical composition changes, so the technology suitable for processing on paper, only suitable for modification of plastic resin.

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