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How To Choose A Good Paper Cup?

1, see: the selection of disposable paper cups, paper cups do not just look at the color of white color is white, do not think that more health, some manufacturers in order to make the glass cups look more white, adding a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, it will become a potential carcinogenic factor. Experts suggest that the public in the election of the paper cup, the most under the lamp according to a picture, if the paper cup in the fluorescent light blue, it proved that the fluorescent agent exceeded the standard, consumers should be careful to use.

2, pinch: cup body soft collapse is not strong, careful leakage. In addition, to choose the cup wall thick stiff paper cup, the cup body hardness cups pinch up very soft, pour water or drink, end up will be severely deformed, even end up, influence. Experts pointed out that the general quality paper cups can hold water for 72 hours without leakage, and the quality of half an hour will water seepage.

3, smell: cup wall color is gaudy, be careful of ink poisoning. Quality supervision experts pointed out that the paper cups are stacked together, and if damp or contaminated, the mold must be formed, so the paper cups must not be used. In addition, some cups will print colorful patterns and words, when paper cups stacked together, the outside of the cup will inevitably affect the ink wrapped outside the inner cup, and ink containing benzene and toluene, damage to health, the purchase of non printing ink or printing less outer cup.

4, use: distinguish cold cup, hot cup, they each have their duty". Experts finally pointed out that, usually we use disposable paper cups can generally be divided into cold drink cup and hot cup two kinds, they each have their job, once "dislocation", may have an impact on consumer health.

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