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How To Box Packaging Cost Calculation Cost Which Constitute

Everyone knows, the modern society in the market often fierce, how to control the cost, increase the profit is everyone to think about. Take the color box packaging, no matter what kind of box packaging, to control the cost. Because only the costs to a minimum, to achieve maximum profits. Last time we spoke of a "bag printing Lanshuo tell you the necessary knowledge" bag printing, how this period will say is that the color box packaging cost calculation cost which constitute.

In general, want to reduce the cost of the color box packaging, as long as we follow a formula to: process product positioning + suitable suitable packaging material + fit.

How do you calculate a, color box packaging costs

First of all, we first discuss the calculation method of the color box packaging cost.

Unit price = cost + cost + paper pit foundation film fee +PS version printing fee fee + + surface processing fees + rolling + work + + paste mounted knife mold industry loss of +1.5% + tax + profit.

For the color box packaging, the cost of computation is so specific numerical or according to the actual situation to calculate. You can set the formula.

Two, the cost structure of the color box packaging

Paper: This is the most important part of the color box packaging, is also part of the cost of the best. There are a lot of paper types, prices are not the same.

Printing: the printing on the market at present there are several, such as the machine size according to points, a full boot, the boot, the boot boot four, six etc.. According to the color to points, there are 4C+4C, 4C+1, 4C, 2C, 1C. UV printing 6C+1, 8C+1. According to the printing types are: ordinary printing +UV printing.

Surface treatment: surface treatment color box package including membrane, polishing oil, UV, bronzing, embossing and embossing etc..

Process: the process structure of the color box packaging structure includes hardcover box, card box, pit boxes and so on

The above is the color box packaging cost composition, however, processing over these, complexity of actual cost with technology, the relevant box on the number of factors, customer needs timely communication with manufacturers, bargaining, to maximize the profit.

The comments:

"The shining": negotiations with manufacturers at a time, most of the costs of all calls the paper above, so the color box packaging paper is really important.

"ZN490": color box packaging, profit is always not to go. The biggest reason is cost is too high, must control the cost.

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