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Gift Wrapping Method Is Simple And Fashionable

For any product, packaging is the most effective marketing tool, a successful packaging can make you talent showing itself among the hundreds of thousands of similar products, to attract and impress consumers, brand image, create profits for enterprises.

Personalized packaging design should be emphasized for Market Research

To do a good job of packaging design individuation, must first grasp the psychology of consumers, to coincide with the consumer to modify psychological, to achieve harmony packing and commodity emotional appeal, make consumer goods in some images to recognize characteristics. It is necessary to conduct a careful consideration of every detail, reflects a kind of brand personality, a kind of attitude and even a belief. For example, white and black cold medicine, daytime take white not sleepy, evening take black sleep well, because the phase difference with traditional patulin in product function, characteristics, especially the pill design and packaging design around the black and white issue, make the product compared with other similar products in the market is easy to win a favorable position.

Personalized packaging design must strengthen the visual impact of personalized

Personalized packaging design to clever use of color and manufacture of visual impact. Color plays an important role in packaging design. Because of different colors can cause people a different visual reflection, which cause different psychological activities. For example, the Nestle coffee in the traditional Chinese Mid Autumn Festival launched the "colorful selection of large bargain activities, Nestle and polite". More than ten kinds of products not only changed the traditional Chinese red coat packaging, and with the Mid Autumn Festival moon graphics and words, thus in the fierce moon cakes war alone becomes a beautiful scenery line.

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