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Fast And Convenient Paper Food Packaging Has Become An International Trend

European food paper packaging, paper boxes, paper bags, generally used paper tube, paper cans etc.. In European restaurants, the paper used for "food packing" is a sheet. All kinds of paper packaging, paper bags accounted for the largest proportion, such as various kinds of grain processing products, flour, rice, potato powder, corn powder, Rice noodles are paper bags; on-site production of baking food, supermarket fresh food, fruits and vegetables are used for paper bags; afraid of tomatoes, strawberries and other food pressure first, be packed in cartons, and paper bags. In food paper packaging, the second place should be disposable paper containers, such as paper cups and lunch boxes. In any restaurant, such as McDonald's, pizza shop, and many fast-food restaurants selling fried fish and chips at the streets and stations, the main use of paper cups and boxes of food. In paper packaging, third of the consumption is the beverage packaging, all kinds of fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk, yogurt, food packaging, are widely used paper cans. In addition, paper packaging is also used in the packaging and containers of various kinds of food, such as cooked food, fast food, meat products, snacks and so on. In Hungary and Germany, the paper food packaging materials are larger than our country, and the objects are more widely used.

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