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Carton Production Requirements

1 specifications, we need to choose according to the characteristics of our products in the choice of carton factory, first of all, we need to pay attention to their own products, is what kind of cardboard boxes for packaging, so, carton specification is now more cause of concern, in addition, now a lot of product shape is quite special, so, we need to have in the use of the design of a comparison with the products need Shenzhen carton factory can also transport packaging, so that we can make our whole package easy to use.

2 the appearance, now many people will be in the outside of the carton marking on some matters needing attention, and, at this time will also put the product advertising in their cartons above, is also a kind of propaganda, so, now many people will be paid special attention to the box appearance, the hope can through the appearance design makes use of Shenzhen carton factory carton the product easy, but more practical.

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