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Brightly Colored Plastic Cutlery Industry Raw Material Phenomenon Is Serious

Yesterday, the International Food Packaging Association held a news conference, announced with cling film, plastic disposable knife, fork, spoon, Straw and stainless steel tableware three survey report of food to the society.

The report shows, found in five in the Beijing area supermarket chains and 6 large wholesale market survey, the current identification information between market sales of plastic disposable fork product greatly, some even have no ID. In the plastic products, color pigments using volume is very large, the color is more heavy, prices cheaper, more no logo. At present these products test found that heavy metal content exceed the standard, very bright colors are very serious phenomenon of industrial raw materials.

In the plastic box, 24 batches of the product in the survey, 21 batches of the product is fully qualified, obviously better than last year. But there are still some sales of disposable foam plastic tableware.

The report pointed out in cling film, and large supermarket sales are the fresh-keeping film PE materials, very norms. But there are still a large number of PVC containing cluster vinyl products in the sales in the wholesale market, in the cooked food packaging is also found the existence of PVC material packing phenomenon.

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