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Introduce the common knowledge of the carton

The carton is commonly used as a wrap or objects protective outer layer using physical goods. Because of the size of the volume of commodity carton carton change, usually has "handle with care", "fear of wet", "up", "stack limit", "afraid of the sun", "moisture" "quality and safety" banned "roll" "cannot be violated" "fire precautions" fragile "" green "" environmental "afraid" hot "food" and "anti odor" wait for a variety of patterns or text prompt, remind users to pay attention to the protection, built-in objects from harm. Corrugated board is formed by the paper, in the paper, core paper and processed into corrugated corrugated waveform by adhesion.

The difference between the container and non container lies mainly in diameter, and is closely related with the corrugated type. Following through the details in the table below lists between CB diameter specifications, manufacturing specifications, diameter between specifications.

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