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Corrugated base paper used which

1, the white paper

White Top Liner Board, for a single smooth board, with a gray background and white points. Generally used as bottom pulp waste paper pulp in bleaching pulp, Hanging noodles. The white paper is packaging material, its main use is made of the carton and carton after color overprint, plays a protection role, beautification commodity goods.

2, imitation kraft

Test LinerTest Liner, is in the low-grade paper, corrugated boxes, cardboard paper is mainly used for. The ratio of raw materials generally use the waste paper pulp, wheat straw pulp, straw pulp and so on one or two as bottom slurry, and then to unbleached kraft pulp noodle, related to the quality of its performance and fine dried noodles.

3, corrugated core paper

Medium Paper, after the machine rolling, forming corrugated corrugated paper. Corrugated paper to wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper pulp in one or two mix and match to copy the system into. It plays the buffering and supporting role in the corrugated cardboard, corrugated paper quality has a direct influence on the compressive strength of corrugated box.

4, kraft paper

That is KLB, is a high-grade corrugated paper, mainly used for cardboard paper, smooth surface, suitable for printing. The general use of unbleached kraft pulp raw material 100%, the characteristic is fiber closely, paper strong, good toughness, with pressure, good tensile, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance.

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