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Carton quality standard

1 cardboard quality standard

A) double wall corrugated cardboard thickness AB pit is greater than or equal to 7mm, the single corrugated A pit board thickness is 4.5~5mm, C pit board thickness is 3.5~4mm, B pit board thickness is 2.5~3mm, E pit board thickness is 1.1~2.2mm, the F pit is greater than or equal to 0.8mm.

B) corrugated bonded firmly, the retting part area and less than or equal to 20cm2/m2.

C) corrugated cardboard surface smooth, not collapse pit, no bubble, no dew, no lack of material, not pit thin edge.

D) corrugated cardboard surface clean, no crack, fold, cardboard bending is less than or equal to 20mm/m.

E) corrugated cardboard edge cutting neat, Toguchi Koge, no burr, shear fracture surface crack is less than or equal to 8mm.

F) cardboard production line moderate temperature, pressing post cap of 180 degrees above 3 times the glossy paper, the bottom paper are no burst.

G line width is less than or equal to 12mm) single wall, double corrugated is less than or equal to 17mm, pressing line center, no burst.

H) pressing, longitudinal cutting edge size consistent with the drawings or job requirements, the allowable deviation of plus or minus 1mm.

I transverse cutting edge size) with line drawings or job requirements, the allowable deviation of plus or minus 1.5mm.

J) corrugated cardboard edge crush strength, bursting strength, adhesion strength, water content conforms to the GB/T 6544-1999 corrugated cardboard, the cardboard production online moisture (14 + 2%), delivered to the later process cardboard moisture for (8 + 2%).

K) to proofing corrugated cardboard measured side compression strength, bursting strength, adhesion strength values as the quality standard, shall be reduced by 10% as the lower limit control, cardboard production when the online moisture at (14 + 2%) after the procedure control, delivered to the cardboard moisture (8 + 2%).

2 carton printing quality standard

A) the text clear, correct signs, content and drawings or sample box consistent, must pay attention to any revision.

B) pattern correct color, color depth by the kind of box or color control.

C barcode readable), correct values.

D) graphic position size deviation: printing transverse (usually a carton forming after the horizontal direction) by + 2mm, printing longitudinal (movement direction, paperboard is carton forming vertical direction according to the + 3mm);

E) text length is less than or equal to 500mm, every 100mm tilt is less than or equal to 1mm; text length > 500mm, each 100mm tilt is less than or equal to 0.5mm.

F) the various color version of the overprint error, the fine print is less than or equal to 1.5mm, less than 2mm, the general print.

G) printing pressure is moderate, more obvious deformation does not allow the existence of cardboard, dot, pit type, do not allow the existence of section staves, obviously, no accumulated ink paste version, Paperboard Printing before and after printing thickness size difference is less than or equal to 0.2mm.

H) printing field leveling, distance 800mm visual no threadbare, dew color phenomenon.

I) laminated color effect is good, the distance 800mm visual no hair deficiency, show color phenomenon.

J) box surface clean, no dirt, no defect pattern and text.

K) printing ink viscosity with 3# cup detection, and shall be controlled in the range of 10 + 2 seconds.

L) ink adhesion is good, with fingers graze does not fade.

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