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Carton printing plate has the characteristics of what

Carton printing plate metal and non metal two categories, common process mainly involves the gravure printing, flexo printing (letterpress) Peace Print three, due to the plate characteristics is different, the printing effect, the production cost is also different.

The characteristic of gravure printing

Gravure plate is made of steel roller material (seamless steel pipe or bending) after plating, electric carving process produced the gravure printing process, high equipment investment, seihan process complex, high cost of plate making, change the version of the operation is relatively cumbersome, but also there is a certain degree of pollution. However, gravure printing ink layer thick, homogeneous products, printing the level of rich, strong sense of texture, printing ink drying speed, in addition, it also has the advantage of fast printing speed, ink printing quality is relatively stable, is not easy to produce printed color and printing plate rate higher, if used for printing numbers, especially large electronic medicine, food and cigarette packaging products, can effectively reduce the cost of production.

Version of the character

The flat printing substrate PS version are aluminum, plate more brittle, easily tensile deformation and fracture. However, its hydrophilic dear oil properties are good, and the dual nature is close to. Because the aluminum surface with a layer of dense oxide film, with good chemical stability, and has a certain hardness and wear resistance, after processing after, its hydrophilic and lipophilic will be improved. The PS version is currently in pre printed cartons mainly printing plate seihan technology, because of its simple, quick, installed version of the operation is very convenient. It can print version, the line version, can also be printed fine textured version, printing reproduction and printing effect is good, the price is relatively cheap, widely used for printing, carton paper and carton packaging and other products.

The characteristics of rubber plate

Rubber is a version of the flexographic printing process used plates, because of its soft material, widely used for direct printing on corrugated cardboard. The main material of rubber version is natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The seihan way by hand engraving, laser engraving and casting plate three. In the use of rubber plate, it should be noted that the printability, such as from rubber affinity for ink, ink, covering power and reproducibility of the consideration, the use of water-based type ink printing, using natural rubber plate is better than synthetic rubber plate. Ding Ji rubber plate is more suitable for the use of solvent based inks. Nitrile rubber plate should avoid the use of solvent based inks, to prevent the printing plate was solvent corrosion damage. Rubber version can be printed substrate surface roughness, but also can be printed in hard materials, and has a high resistance force. However, it has drawbacks are easy to deform, therefore not suitable for printing high precision products.

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