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Carton die cutting technology

Corrugated carton die-cutting, indentation process points:

With all walks of life to pay more and more attention to the packaging, the manufacturers are increasing demand for fine corrugated box is bigger, and thus puts forward higher requirements on the quality of corrugated carton die-cutting, indentation, forming, a lot of corrugated carton factory because of lack of experience and can't produce so customers fully satisfied with the corrugated carton. In fact, as long as the proper use of cutting method, choose good die-cutting process, with high-quality materials required, corrugated carton die-cutting quality can be greatly improved. Below to introduce some key points of process:

One, make process design

The communication with customers, do a good job in the process design of box type, design or revise the design;

The determination of cutting mode, select the appropriate die-cutting equipment and blade;

The shrinkage ratio calculation;

The selection, calculation standard and protection strip steel line indentation, specification and amount of sponge

Design a good process details: as in cutting and blade cutting, bending, the installation process, attention should be paid to play even point position; scimitar position to conduct at the bottom of the support, easy to pour the knife position to conduct rear support etc..

Two, corrugated carton die-cutting mode selection of corrugated carton die-cutting way including die-cutting, rotary die-cutting and circular piezoelectric half cutting 3. Die-cutting knife mold by using the plate, is die-cutting knife flat mouth, put the whole piece of corrugated cardboard cut in the die-cutting blade at the same time, high precision die - cutting, low cost, but the speed is slow, and the format is limited, not cutting large cartons, suitable for small batch, high precision in a small color box.

Rotary cutting adopts the arc board, roller knife production, because it is at the same time rolling in the knife mold to corrugated cardboard die-cutting, die-cutting knife higher strength requirements, the knife mold manufacturing difficulty and cost are high, the cutting can be achieved at a very fast speed high precision, die cutting format is wide, can die-cutting larger carton products, but the cost was high. Suitable for large batch, is not very high precision products, the vast majority of carton users are using this way.

Round applanation die-cutting made great improvement in the die-cutting basis, it has various characteristics of flat die - cutting, with flat knife mold, production cost and the difficulty is not high, die-cutting precision is higher, but the speed is slow, technology, cost is high, is not conducive to large-scale production, use two ways a lot less than before. Die - cutting tool choice when the size is accurate, the blade will, after quenching. High quality die-cutting knife blade hardness should be higher than the blade hardness, which can prolong the service life of the die cutting knife.

The choice of the basic elements of circular pressing and cutting blade is tooth type, height, thickness and hardness. Rotary die-cutting blade tooth type is the most basic 12 teeth per inch, match the transverse blade is used in 8 teeth per inch. In order to reduce the depth of cut, reducing the die cutting pressure, improve the speed of the machine, 10 teeth per inch blade can be used for both circumferential and lateral cutting, can improve the efficiency of plate making and cutting effect.

Common blade thickness is 1.42mm, height 23, 8 ~ 26mm, chanting often horizontal blade height than Zhou Xianggao about 0.5mm. Commonly used in hardness blade, lateral or tail cutter can use high hardness quenching of the blade, blade is especially suitable for large quantities of die.

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